How to create Commerce 2009 R2 SubSystems web services

Following are the steps help you to create Commerce subsystems web services like Catalog, Marketing, Order and Profile.

Step 1: Go to and select All Programs -> Commerce Server 2009 -> Tools -> Site Packager.

Step 2: Select option “Unpack from a package file”

Step 3: Browse to *.pup file and select Custom Unpack

Step 4: Select option “Add an application to an existing site”

Step 5: Select existing Commerce site for which you want to create web services

Step 6: Select web services you want to create

Step 7: Configure IIS, web site and virtual path for web services

Step 8: On Next click, web services unpacking will start. It may take a while to complete.

Step 9: Last you will see message Unpacking is Complete!!!

Check gallery for visuals.


About Rajan
I am Rajan Garg working as a Senior Software Engineer in a company. I am working on the Microsoft technologies.

2 Responses to How to create Commerce 2009 R2 SubSystems web services

  1. VSK Ayyappa says:

    Dear Mr.Rajan,
    please help me sharepoint RBS installation not happening at the time of sharepont shell showing installation failed how to install with command please tell me how to resolve this issue please see below print screen for issue.
    commaned result showing as failed

    • Rajan says:

      Hi Vsk, can you please post your comment on blog related to your query…also check my short blog on SharePoint RBS installation and configuration (blog name: SharePoint 2010 File Storage System) ..hope it helps…if you stuck anywhere…plz let me know the step number and error details…I will try my best to help you…

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