The website declined to show this webpage

I freshly installed SharePoint 2010 on my Windows 2008 server VM. Everything working fine, i installed few more softwares like Commerce Server, Team Foundation Server 2010. After that i tried to access my SharePoint Central administration page and problem started.  I continuous to get the  error “The website declined to show this webpage. Possible cause: The site require user to log in” when try to open central administration site. Even i verified the credential, that was fine. To troubleshoot i checked the following things:

1. AppPool and Central Service used for site should be running.

2. Verified the credentials under which app pool running.

All above was fine. I was wondering what is the issue. After so much tweaking i found that issue is with the app pool used to run Central Administration site. AppPool was running with .NET Framework version “No Managed Code”. Strange is all AppPool running with that framework version. I set the AppPool .NET Framework version to “V.2.0”, restarted the app pool and it started working. 🙂


About Rajan
I am Rajan Garg working as a Senior Software Engineer in a company. I am working on the Microsoft technologies.

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