Funda of Ghosted, UnGhosted in SharePoint

Ghosted == Un-Customized

UnGhosted == Customized

ReGhosting == Changing from Customized to Un-Customized

When a site is provisioned in SharePoint, SharePoint actually doesn’t create a copy of files (like default.aspx, master pages) in the database. These files already exist once on front end servers (in SharePoint hive) and SharePoint creates a reference to these files in the database for new site. This technique is known as Ghosting. This technique improves performance as retrieving files from file system is more faster than queering database. Also, each site appear to have its own set of files but in reality these files are shared. Even these pages are cashed which is a huge performance benefit.

When someone edit the site page or master page, SharePoint create a copy of that file and put it in database. When user request for that page it is loaded from database instead of file system. This technique is known as UnGhosting. From now any changes to physical files will not have any affect on site pages.

How to revert back the changes made to files

SharePoint provide us an option to revert back unghosted files to ghosted. With this all the changes will be lost and site will be reset to site definition. This technique is known as ReGhosting.


About Rajan
I am Rajan Garg working as a Senior Software Engineer in a company. I am working on the Microsoft technologies.

3 Responses to Funda of Ghosted, UnGhosted in SharePoint

  1. ashish trivedi says:

    Good to see you blogging…

  2. ashish trivedi says:

    Go to HELL

    • Rajan says:

      HELL ??? Post achha nahi laga kya ?

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